Shard Hunters

Episode Four Teaser

In Episode One: The Cube, we met our characters for the first time, experiencing their quest for their second shard. But this left the players with unanswered questions. How did the group get together? Where did they get the black shard from? What is their plan for the shards once they have them?

Episode Two: The Ambush continued their adventure as they advanced toward the red shard, stopping along the way at an empty house. Our players met a group calling themselves The Black Wyrms. They insinuated that the group was thieves, having stolen the black shard from the Wyrms. Could their allegation be true? Our group put them to rest and moved on.

The next episode, The Shard Part 1: Up, Up The Mountain, began with the group around a fire with two characters new to the players: Sizer, a watersoul Genasi who seemed the leader of the group, and Voltag, a plaguesoul who would eventually disappear from the group. Who were these people, and where had they gone, as the present day group is missing these people completely?

Part 2 of The Shard, entitled Den of Thieves had the group visiting The Makyne for the first time and coming across a camp of sleeping Drow who left their shard unguarded. At the insistence of Sizer, the group stole the shard, and it became clear to the players where they had gained it.

Episode Four will join our group back in present day, where they are still trying to make their way toward Vorpar in search of the third shard. Things, as always, will take a turn for the unexpected, in episode four: The Sun!



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