Shard Hunters

Episode Three Teaser Again

Not a board game.

Whether having ridden his donkey or having been saved by a fellow Shard Hunter, our heroes find themselves at the top of Makyne Mountain, directly outside the ruins of The Makyne.

What will they find inside? Why is it even a tiny bit important that I’ve sent them back in the past in this flashback episode? Do I even believe it’s a flashback episode? Well, no, because a flashback is when some one person remembers something from the past and then this is presented as such, whereas this is more just another adventure but taken out of order. I guess I answered that one. Umm, what else?

Also, if this is the past, what ever happened to Voltag and who is this Sizer fellow?

Find out next time on the completely board game-less third episode, The Shard, Part 2!


Also, who caught on that Sizer has metallic wings? Fuuuuccckkkk yyyeeeaaahhhh!!!

Episode Three Teaser Again

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