Shard Hunters


This is important enough to go on the Adventure Log, so here it is.

I’ve been reading a lot about speeding up gameplay, as our battles seem to take hours. Too many hours. I have found lots of material on this and will be trying a system I liked. I will obviously need people’s feedback on said system, so this post here will be where you can leave your comments.

Thanks y’all.

EDIT: So, we did it. The Table of Things can be found in the forum. You can read them if you want. Also, how do you think things went? Did you like the system? If so, I’ll use it again. Leave a comment on this post.


Sounds awesome to me.


I did like the new system. As I said on Wednesday, I think a minute is a little bit too frenetic, so I was distracted from my enjoyment a little bit by trying to be fast. It did get me to be thinking/strategizing more during other people’s turns, but I did still feel hurried. But, I also understand that I am in the minority with this.


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