Shard Hunters

The Rest of Season 2

Season two is mostly an outline so far, so there isn’t much detail. Episode one, called We’ll Have You Dead Pretty Soon, is about the death of Sizer at the hands of the Black Wyrms. The episode would reveal that the group was running from them for a couple of years. And, how they kill him, which, you know, whatever.

The next episode, Here We Are Juggernaut, is the climactic fight that has been too damned long coming, as the group rides atop a a platform on top of a giant beast that they have unleashed, trying to stop it as it attacks. The juggernaut would walk throughout towns and stuff, smashing shit, attacking the group as they climb over its body aiming for the glowing, moving weak points on it, a la Shadow of the Colossus.

At the end of the battle, the warforged beast would break up, each piece going out in search of a different shard.

Later, the group would reconvene in front of the council, who would explain that they did not know of the giant being awoken. They would give the group a map of where the pieces of the giant had been spotted, and tell them to stop it at all costs, collecting the shards as they went.

The game would open up a bit for this portion, and episodes would be thrown out in favor of the gameplay happening naturally as the group would choose where to go. This is basically where my outline ends. I have not come up with an ending to the whole deal, and don’t really know what would happen. I hadn’t decided, and didn’t know if I should go with something happy or sad or just let it end organically or what. Big boss battle? I dunno. It certainly would not have been the most important bit. The journey would have been the important bit.

Though, I guess the real ending was months ago, eh?

I’m going to leave this page up as long as I can, to use for Shard Hunters: Fall, the spiritual sequel. I call it that only so you guys know that the story isn’t really all that related, but has some of the same ideas.

If that doesn’t happen anytime soon, though, then I’ll back it up and pull it down,. which means J-Bone is gonna need to find a new forum to hijack.

That’s all, I guess.



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