Welcome to the Shard Hunters campaign page!

Shard Hunters is an episodic D&D campaign set in a world where various groups of differing races, creeds, and intent hunt down magical artifacts known as ‘Shards.’ These shards grant immense powers to the few groups that have them, making these groups highly sought after not only for hiring, but also by other groups ready to steal these shards from them.

It is unknown how many shards exist in the world. No one knows what they were originally created for or by whom they were created. What is known is that the few shards that are in the hands of hunters all came from one place: The Makyne. The Makyne is a ruin that rests atop Makyne Moutain in the east. This place is regularly combed over by hunter groups, looking for any shards that may have been missed by previous groups.

Shard Hunters

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