Shard Hunters

The Rest of Season 2

Season two is mostly an outline so far, so there isn’t much detail. Episode one, called We’ll Have You Dead Pretty Soon, is about the death of Sizer at the hands of the Black Wyrms. The episode would reveal that the group was running from them for a couple of years. And, how they kill him, which, you know, whatever.

The next episode, Here We Are Juggernaut, is the climactic fight that has been too damned long coming, as the group rides atop a a platform on top of a giant beast that they have unleashed, trying to stop it as it attacks. The juggernaut would walk throughout towns and stuff, smashing shit, attacking the group as they climb over its body aiming for the glowing, moving weak points on it, a la Shadow of the Colossus.

At the end of the battle, the warforged beast would break up, each piece going out in search of a different shard.

Later, the group would reconvene in front of the council, who would explain that they did not know of the giant being awoken. They would give the group a map of where the pieces of the giant had been spotted, and tell them to stop it at all costs, collecting the shards as they went.

The game would open up a bit for this portion, and episodes would be thrown out in favor of the gameplay happening naturally as the group would choose where to go. This is basically where my outline ends. I have not come up with an ending to the whole deal, and don’t really know what would happen. I hadn’t decided, and didn’t know if I should go with something happy or sad or just let it end organically or what. Big boss battle? I dunno. It certainly would not have been the most important bit. The journey would have been the important bit.

Though, I guess the real ending was months ago, eh?

I’m going to leave this page up as long as I can, to use for Shard Hunters: Fall, the spiritual sequel. I call it that only so you guys know that the story isn’t really all that related, but has some of the same ideas.

If that doesn’t happen anytime soon, though, then I’ll back it up and pull it down,. which means J-Bone is gonna need to find a new forum to hijack.

That’s all, I guess.

Season two!!

Yep. I’m writing this stuff out too, because I plain don’t want to create this stuff either.

Firstly, at the beginning of this season I was going to point out the the subtitle of this campaign is Rise. As in, Shard Hunters: Rise. It makes sense.

Secondly, this is the season where I was going to use Coheed & Cambria lyrics for titles. so, awesome.

Now, the Prologue to the whole thing.

The prologue, being called The Young Stale Memories Of, tells the story of the formation of The Party of Crystal, as the Council of Elements, the governing body over all genasi, calls together representatives from each sub-race of genasi. The group, lead by Sizer, would search for all of the shards, which would be revealed by the council as being of genasi origin. The council wants the shards back in the Makyne, to harness the ancient power there. Bad ass, I know.

I’ll make the first episode it’s own adventure log post, since this one is fairly big already.

Episode 5: The Rise Pt 2

The episode begins around a familiar fire, with Sizer pacing it, explaining that the Council of the Elements gave him a lead on a shard in Rubik as well as new orders. The orders were to get the red, black, and blue shards and insert them into the walls at the Makyne as a defense against intruders. He then goes on to suggest searching the Makyne first, for any shards unfound or left behind. This speech of his quickly turns into the one from the beginning of The Shard Part 1: Up, Up The Mountain, and I look super clever because of it.

The story then shifts to the Party of Crystal, once again in present times, at the Makyne, as they insert the shards into the walls as per their directive. And, as you probably know, the ruins begin to fall apart, and all that stuff from the Prologue happens, with the giant hand coming down and the whole ruins rising up.

And then it ends. Cliffhanger for season two!

Episode 4: The Sun

Episode 4 finds our heroes walking up the river towards Vorpar in search of the red shard. Along the way, on the outskirts of Vorpar, they find a small settlement and ask around for any leads on where to field the supposed field that the red shard may be buried in. After finding someone with information, they begin a small quest for this person to coax them into handing over the info.

Then, you know, they do whatever mission that is. And something not unlike them receiving the necessary information happens. Look, this bit was kind of convoluted, with many possibilities and outcomes and quests and things, but they all lead to the same eventuality, which was to go check out a farm that was close by.

I also have to point out that I’m very enamored of being subtle in my storytelling, in D&D at least, so the next bit mostly would have been stuff you would have been able to find out on your own.

At the farm, the group finds a special area fenced off by the farmer that contains glowing fruit. Glowing red. Shiiiiiit. They also find a pissed off farmer, who doesn’t have the shard himself, but does have special abilities from eating years of contaminated fruit. He makes the sun itself turn against our group, making it’s light burn them and causing the sun to move around the sky to find them hiding in shadows.

Once the battle ends, the group digs up the shard, and, having the three shards they need, begin to head back to the Makyne.

Announcement Time

I read this article about DMing once. It was about how to end a D&D game, so I looked at it hoping to get good ideas for my story. Things like: “Should the story end with a cliffhanger?” “Should I go all out at the end and kill the players?” “Should the ending be quiet and thought provoking?” Unfortunately, that is not what the article was about.

The article was about games themselves ending, not the stories. And worse, only one of the supposed five ways to end a game actually concluded. The others were basically fizzle out, stop playing, or leave DMing behind in a huff because your players are stupid. So that didn’t help.

So, the nitty-gritty: I have too many god damned projects – a children’s book, video game making, a band – to keep this up. And by this, I mean nothing, since nothing is actually happening with this game, whether it be in actuality, in forums, or in my head. I’m not thinking about it. I wanted to move on a long time ago, and it never panned out the way I wanted it to.

What does that mean for you guys? Well, I am going to pay all the respect to my own ideas that I can by writing out the stories of all planned episodes and explaining how everything was meant to go, because otherwise all that information and story will just vanish and have been nothing. I’ll write them and post them whenever I decide. You’ll get emails, so no worries.

As far as DMing, we’ll see. I’d rather play the game for now, since it’s much less work on my part, but I was working on the spiritual sequel to Shard Hunters, and I’d like to finish it and one day play it. This game would be more Gamma World-like in that it would be a heavily modified version of 4e. I also think if I did do something with that, which I want to, I would take someone under my wing to help create things and bounce ideas off of. Not like a co-DM, but more like a full actual position. Maybe even going back to a more Party of Five style where we would switch off for different stories and such.

That’s it mostly for now. I might get the Episode 4 bit up tonight or tomorrow or whenever I get to it. Love yoooooooou.

Personal Journal Entry 2

2 Baumsal Sentlar of the Red Age

They have us holed up in a building in the middle of some town I’ve never heard of before. The rest of the group wants us to stop running, especially Mu-Ahn, who would rather eat their arrows and light The Black Wyrms on fire. But I’m afraid of them.

They aren’t especially strong, and that’s the problem. They’ve gotten us at every turn. We’ve abandoned our mission for over a year, just running from them, and they are always one step ahead. They’re resourceful, and that scares me.


Personal Journal Entry 1

243 Kilsal Aukwell of the Green Age

It’s getting boring down here in Hellar. Nothing ever changes. I see the same people everyday. The same fish. The same whales. The same coral reefs.

I could use a change of pace. This is no place for a great warrior such as myself. When will the council realize that there is no threat to our civilizations underwater? So few of us can live here, and we are nearly the only race that can do so on this entire planet. Do I feel that the orca may one day pose a threat to us? No. Are the sahuagin nothing more than fodder for the youngsters? Do we need an army on standby to save little Crys or Pegrye from the random sahuagin that may be lurking nearby?

I need some excitement.



/internet cheevo<001>[Hey, you care!] – end – journal comment failed [personal journal entry prize forfeited] <begin> /internet cheevo<002>[Three Guys Burgers And Empire] – end – edit DDDG failed [item valued at 100 gold or less forfeited] /internet cheevo<003>[Forum] – end – start a new topic success [50 exp prize rewarded to all] /internet cheevo<004>[Captain’s Log 167823] – end write the adventure log success [50 exp rewarded to writer] /internet cheevo,005>[You’re pretty] – end – allocate a picture for personal characters success [a magic item of the Dungeon Master’s choice awarded]

Episode Three Part Two

Episode 3: The Shard Part 2- Den of Theives
Present: David (DM), Jeremy (Cascaeda), Ron (Karasht), Jane (Dekuuna), Ryan (Mu-Ahn), Nik (Arion)

Sizor and Voltag went back down the mountain to get the rest of the players who didn’t get the memo.
And we’re still at Level 3. Ryan “I HATE that level!!”

Tons of new systems in play: 1. One initiative for the entire thing (dungeon).
2. To make encounters quicker, if you take your turn in less than one minute, you get a token that gives you a +1 to any die roll you want (no stacking). If you get three tokens, you can trade them in for a +2 bonus. If you get three +2 tokens, you can trade them in for a D100 roll on the Random Table of Things (all positive—like moves, roll bonuses etc.)

The group is sitting outside of the Makyne. Sizor says, “If everyone’s ready, I think we should go in…” C: “Do we have any idea on what to expect from here?” Sizor: “This has all been explained…we should go into the Makyne and look for shards or any useful information—there might be hidden ones that have not been found yet.”

After careful deliberation, we enter the fortress.
We get a card that lets us REWIND time and avoid TIME PARADOXES. It’s a one-time use card. You can REWIND his REWIND!
A time period ensues where the use of the word “REWIND” was used A LOT.
Then DM demonstrates his epic clapping skills. Followed by Ron and Ryan clapping in unison.
Sizor is with you, but DM isn’t going to play as him because that wouldn’t be fun.

The first room is covered in claw marks on one side and the rest of the room is excessively dirty. It’s dirty as if it were the first room everyone had to walk through. C wants to do a check on the claw marks. They are claws of different sizes and types. Initiative begins. You can see through the hall.
A “C’Mon guys!!” He runs down the hall. The room is dank and musty as if there was no reason for anyone to explore. He yells this information back to the group
K: “So you can attract the attention of all the undesireables we’ll eventually have to fight!!”
Jeremy: “Why don’t you perceive if you can see anything or hear anything?”
Mu-Ahn: “Why would there still be doors in an old ruin?! There’s no one in there, just GO!”
Karasht listens and hears nothing.
DM: “There’s noone in there, just GO!”
Mu-Ahn: “Of COURSE it’s a wooden door, we’re in a ruin!”

C opens the door to the room. It is pitch black inside.
Ron: “SHIT! BATS!” (Bats were added to the initiative order)
The bats start doing stuff. And the bats are all numbered.
C attacks the bats, they vanish, then reappear.

I’m not going to keep tracking the battle. There are fighting things.

Mu-Ahn “If there’s anything in this room, I can steal it and they won’t even know!”
Mu-Ahn has moved the opposite way from the group. There’s a room of hammers and HODM (“wHore O’ D’Mountain”, apparently, NOT half-orc death mage)

In one of the rooms, there is a door at the far side. It’s an iron door with three 1” diameter holes in the center of the door.

Jeremy: “In the DND equivalent of a filibuster, we are now at Nik’s mercy for as long as he can hold this up…”

On the Stuff table, Jeremy gets “The Switcheroo!” Which lets you switch around the order of initiative before battle begins to whatever he likes.
Ron gets: Chess Knight (move action attack thing)

Jane double-crits and THEN crits the damage! Go me!
And then Mower saves the day with his encounters!

We defeated some bats, (but they kept coming… so we ran out and shut the door behind us) and then we went to another room where we fought the HODM and some really, really strong hammers. The room after the room with the HODM is huge, with a hole in the floor with glyphs surrounding it—one (hole) is black and one is red. There’s a raised area of the map (literally) and when you jump up, you can see a blue hole not unlike the red and black ones.

Hole info: It is ancient magic that is somehow tied to the shards, but you can’t tell what exactly.

We come to another campsite (this time inhabited). You see black legs and arms sticking out of the tents and a fireplace blazing. Sizor sees them and smiles. “Look over here, there’s a shard. Let’s take it and get out of here!”

Mu-ahn attempts to stealth into the room. Natural 20!!! Plus 9!! He is SO stealthy. He sneaks into the room and takes the black shard. As he’s exiting the room, he uses his REWIND card to go back to the moment when he sneaks OUT of the room (the first time the guys wake up)
Mu-Ahn: “There’s one thing I do well, and that’s stealing things from sleeping people!”

Mu-Ahn rolls 4d20 and kills 4 minions in under a minute! Good going!

There’s a chest in the room—and it’s locked. Luckily, there’s a fellow traveling with us who is skilled in Theivery. Mu-Ahn has to succeed two times before two failures. Which he does. With another Crit. I know, right?! Inside of the chest, hanging from a string hanging from the lid is a potion, The Potion of Knowing Resistance. (When you drink, resist 5 to last damage you receive).

We saved the day and rescued three shard hunters who were totally getting their asses kicked. They retreated to their tent. Cascaeda asks the group how long they’ve been in the Makyne, they said about a day. The SH’s also hadn’t encountered the room with the door.

Mu-Ahn intimidates the three SH’s (Jiminy-Jam, Simmy-Sam, and Flim-Flam) into coming with the group, but Jimmy-Jam and Simmy-Sam are staying behind at their camp to rest up.

Three hammers from the camp seem as though they might fit into the three holes in the door we encountered.

Nik and David have a pissing contest about whether or not Nik will die when entering a room full of trancing Drow [Ed.- In truth it was about if Nik character Erion would know what was over there and do that. He was just trying to fuck with the game.]. The result is that Nik decided not to do that.

We try some options to try and open the door in the first room, but meet with nothing. We put the shard in the hole, it glows, but nothing else happens.

Episode Four Teaser

In Episode One: The Cube, we met our characters for the first time, experiencing their quest for their second shard. But this left the players with unanswered questions. How did the group get together? Where did they get the black shard from? What is their plan for the shards once they have them?

Episode Two: The Ambush continued their adventure as they advanced toward the red shard, stopping along the way at an empty house. Our players met a group calling themselves The Black Wyrms. They insinuated that the group was thieves, having stolen the black shard from the Wyrms. Could their allegation be true? Our group put them to rest and moved on.

The next episode, The Shard Part 1: Up, Up The Mountain, began with the group around a fire with two characters new to the players: Sizer, a watersoul Genasi who seemed the leader of the group, and Voltag, a plaguesoul who would eventually disappear from the group. Who were these people, and where had they gone, as the present day group is missing these people completely?

Part 2 of The Shard, entitled Den of Thieves had the group visiting The Makyne for the first time and coming across a camp of sleeping Drow who left their shard unguarded. At the insistence of Sizer, the group stole the shard, and it became clear to the players where they had gained it.

Episode Four will join our group back in present day, where they are still trying to make their way toward Vorpar in search of the third shard. Things, as always, will take a turn for the unexpected, in episode four: The Sun!


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