Shard Hunters

Announcement Time

I read this article about DMing once. It was about how to end a D&D game, so I looked at it hoping to get good ideas for my story. Things like: “Should the story end with a cliffhanger?” “Should I go all out at the end and kill the players?” “Should the ending be quiet and thought provoking?” Unfortunately, that is not what the article was about.

The article was about games themselves ending, not the stories. And worse, only one of the supposed five ways to end a game actually concluded. The others were basically fizzle out, stop playing, or leave DMing behind in a huff because your players are stupid. So that didn’t help.

So, the nitty-gritty: I have too many god damned projects – a children’s book, video game making, a band – to keep this up. And by this, I mean nothing, since nothing is actually happening with this game, whether it be in actuality, in forums, or in my head. I’m not thinking about it. I wanted to move on a long time ago, and it never panned out the way I wanted it to.

What does that mean for you guys? Well, I am going to pay all the respect to my own ideas that I can by writing out the stories of all planned episodes and explaining how everything was meant to go, because otherwise all that information and story will just vanish and have been nothing. I’ll write them and post them whenever I decide. You’ll get emails, so no worries.

As far as DMing, we’ll see. I’d rather play the game for now, since it’s much less work on my part, but I was working on the spiritual sequel to Shard Hunters, and I’d like to finish it and one day play it. This game would be more Gamma World-like in that it would be a heavily modified version of 4e. I also think if I did do something with that, which I want to, I would take someone under my wing to help create things and bounce ideas off of. Not like a co-DM, but more like a full actual position. Maybe even going back to a more Party of Five style where we would switch off for different stories and such.

That’s it mostly for now. I might get the Episode 4 bit up tonight or tomorrow or whenever I get to it. Love yoooooooou.



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