Shard Hunters

Episode 4: The Sun

Episode 4 finds our heroes walking up the river towards Vorpar in search of the red shard. Along the way, on the outskirts of Vorpar, they find a small settlement and ask around for any leads on where to field the supposed field that the red shard may be buried in. After finding someone with information, they begin a small quest for this person to coax them into handing over the info.

Then, you know, they do whatever mission that is. And something not unlike them receiving the necessary information happens. Look, this bit was kind of convoluted, with many possibilities and outcomes and quests and things, but they all lead to the same eventuality, which was to go check out a farm that was close by.

I also have to point out that I’m very enamored of being subtle in my storytelling, in D&D at least, so the next bit mostly would have been stuff you would have been able to find out on your own.

At the farm, the group finds a special area fenced off by the farmer that contains glowing fruit. Glowing red. Shiiiiiit. They also find a pissed off farmer, who doesn’t have the shard himself, but does have special abilities from eating years of contaminated fruit. He makes the sun itself turn against our group, making it’s light burn them and causing the sun to move around the sky to find them hiding in shadows.

Once the battle ends, the group digs up the shard, and, having the three shards they need, begin to head back to the Makyne.



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