Shard Hunters

Season two!!

Yep. I’m writing this stuff out too, because I plain don’t want to create this stuff either.

Firstly, at the beginning of this season I was going to point out the the subtitle of this campaign is Rise. As in, Shard Hunters: Rise. It makes sense.

Secondly, this is the season where I was going to use Coheed & Cambria lyrics for titles. so, awesome.

Now, the Prologue to the whole thing.

The prologue, being called The Young Stale Memories Of, tells the story of the formation of The Party of Crystal, as the Council of Elements, the governing body over all genasi, calls together representatives from each sub-race of genasi. The group, lead by Sizer, would search for all of the shards, which would be revealed by the council as being of genasi origin. The council wants the shards back in the Makyne, to harness the ancient power there. Bad ass, I know.

I’ll make the first episode it’s own adventure log post, since this one is fairly big already.



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