Shard Hunters

Things I Can Still Remember About Episode One: The Cube

Answer: Not Very Much

Let’s see.

Our intrepid group of Shard Hunters found themselves atop a cliff that overlooked the peculiar town of Rubik. This town was completely square, everything was cubes, and it was all on a grid and such. Our group, who still has no name so it’s kind of hard to write about them all as a group, was there is search of Kobek’s Cube, an artifact said to lead it’s possessor to the blue shard.

Los Cazadores descended the cliff and ran into the ruined, empty town. Literally ran. Arion decided to just run straight into things, and they ran directly after the first people they saw: a little halfling guy hanging out with a giant. And this giant was holding a huge chunk of metal.

They chased these assholes into an abandoned, ruined building and questioned the shit out of them. Eventually, more and more little halfling guys showed up, and a fight ensued. I believe it was just because they were pissing the small guys and the giant off. It happened to be that they too were Shard Hunters, and they had a lead on the shard in that they had this giant hunk of metal that they believed to be a key. They were called [[David, David, David & Goliath | David, David, David & Goliath]]. At least they had a catchy group name. Maybe I’ll make a wiki page for them.

So let’s see. Those dudes died. No sweat. Arion ran around some more and found a grocer within the town. Arion, through the graces of God and maybe some meta-gaming, decided to wait for the rest of Hunters Inc. to show up. Eventually, the grocer revealed to them who Kobek was and showed them to a secret room that he had kept hidden from the other Shard Hunters that had driven the citizens of Rubik out by their crazed search for the secret Kobek’s Cube. Apparently the giant metal thing they had with them could open it.

Meanwhile, the sociopathic bit of The Party of Crystal decided to set fire to the grocer’s store. Also, his name was Cecil. Just remembered that now.

So, what ended up being the coolest bit of gameplay almost the entire episode was the nice guys versus the assholes in trying to either set this place ablaze of stop it from burning down. As always in real life, the bad guys won and everyone was happy.

So, the secret door in the grocery store opened up to a stairwell which led down a long passage. Down this passage was a giant, cube shaped room filled with color, splendor, and spikes. And a lever. Which someone pulled. And that’s when the shit went down.

Colors burned, the room rotated, spikes hurt, blocks fell out and slid. It was magical. Eventually, the group solved the room and entered into the locked door in the middle of the front wall. This contained a chest with a letter from Kobek, a gray bag of tricks, and the Blue Shard. The letter read as follows:

“You’ve solved my cube, and as such deserve more than the meager contents of this chest. You will find another shard of crimson hue buried in a farmer’s field to the north on the outskirts of Vorpar, where the Lawrence and Nefarious Rivers meet.
Don’t worry. There’s no crazy cube puzzle surrounding that one. Probably.
-Ira Kobek”



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